Magnetic Levitating Sneaker Stand
Magnetic Levitating Sneaker Stand
Magnetic Levitating Sneaker Stand
Magnetic Levitating Sneaker Stand

Magnetic Levitating Sneaker Stand

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"We got this for our son who is 15 years old for his birthday. When he tested it, everyone was blown away! He loved it!" - Verified Customer

Magnetic Levitating Sneaker Stand

The floating shoe display is designed by electromagnetic levitation and float technology. It uses the power of electromagnetic currents to make your sneaker float in mid-air freely. Silent work, No noise, and being able to show off your favorite shoes to the world.  

LED Light & 360 Degree Rotation

  • The levitating shoes rack built-in white LED light, that can illuminate your shoes, Make your shoes cooler!
  • 360-degree rotating display of your shoes, Silent work, No noise. 

Power-off Auto Adsorption

  • When the shoe is accidentally hit or powered off and deviates from the levitation orbit, the shoe will stop floating and be attached to the base, effectively protecting your shoe. 

Adjustable Weight Knob

  • The carrying capacity is 200-650 grams.
  • There is an adjustable knob on the side of the display stand, to set the load-bearing weight. (according to the weight of your floating shoe to set it.)
  • Levitating shoe stand with power control switch, Easy to use. 


  1. Make sure the product is installed on a flat surface.
  2. When you want to turn off the product power, first remove the suspended matter and save it, then close or unplug the power.
  3. Keep away from any metal, steel objects, or any other electric stuff.
  4. If you order 2 pieces or more display stands, please don’t put the two magnets close to each other. Once the magnets stick to each other, they are impossible to pull apart.
  5. This product does not include the shoes shown in the picture. 

Package Includes:

1 x Display Stand

1 x Magnet

1 x AC Adapter

3 x Steel balls

1 x User Manual